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Macular DegenerationMacular Degeneration, also known as AMD or ARMD (for age-related macular degeneration), is one of the most prevalent diseases causing blindness in the world. This disease attacks the macula, the light-sensitive part of the retina that is responsible for the sharp and direct vision that we need to read and drive. There are two types of Macular Degeneration: dry (atrophic) and wet (exudative). Though the dry form of this disease is more common, the wet form is usually more serious because it has a greater potential for vision loss. Macular Degeneration is more common in people over 55 years of age and in most cases, this disease is related to aging, although sometimes can occur as a genetic disorder or a side effect to some drugs.

Dry macular degeneration is monitored at home with an Amsler Grid (shown to the right). Antioxidant vitamins have been shown by several large studies to slow down the progression of the disease. Wet macular degeneration requires the use of laser treatments and/or injections of medications into the eye. If sudden changes to the Amsler Grid are noticed, it is very important to come in for an eye exam to see if there is a new onset of wet ARMD. If so, we will refer you to a retinal specialist for further management.



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