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Considering LASIK? Why You Should Have LASIK in Your 20s.

Considering LASIK? Why You Should Have LASIK in Your 20s.

Created on: Monday, March 16, 2015
Author: test user

Do you want clear vision? Consider this: Having LASIK laser vision correction in your 20s has more advantages than you may think. So many people put vision correction on the back burner and when they finally have it done the only regret they have is waiting as long as they did!

Your vision in your 20s
Everyone's eyes are different and only a medical professional can determine your vision needs, but for most, their eyeglasses or contact lens prescription has stabilized...meaning it has not changed dramatically over the last several years. This is an important qualification for LASIK. It is important to not have LASIK when you are too young and your eyes are still changing, and not too old, when other age-related reasons may cause vision to change. Those who have LASIK in their 20s are more likely to have 20/20 vision without the necessity of glasses! (The American Academy of Ophthalmology reports that over 90% of people achieve 20/20 to 20/40 vision without correction after LASIK.) 

Do the things YOU want to do!
Are you an active person? Do you enjoy swimming, biking, volleyball, baseball, and other sports or physical activities? Or are you a musician or artist that desires to better perform your skill? Would these activities be easier without glasses or contact lenses? For more with visual problems the answer is a definite YES! Imagine not having to worry about getting sand in your contact lenses while at the beach, seeing that pop fly without squinting, and being able to where regular goggles while skiing or swimming...Have this freedom while you are actively involved in physical activities!

Do your job!
So many jobs actually require clear vision while others would greatly benefit from it. Get the job you want or maybe have already been training for! Those who perform physical jobs such as police officers, construction, military, firefighters, etc. benefit significantly from clear vision with no or reduced dependency on glasses and contact lenses, Do not let your vision stop you from getting the job of your dreams. 

See clear longer!
You may have heard that LASIK does not last forever. That is not completely true as there are other visual disorders that can affect vision as we age. A very common, age related visual disorder is called presbyopia, this is a visual condition that can occur in ones late 30s to 50s and makes seeing things up close more of a struggle...particularly reading becomes a challenge without glasses. LASIK does not correct presbyopia, but it does correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, which are the common eye disorders that effect vision of those in their younger years up through adulthood. Getting LASIK sooner rather than later allows you to take advantage of your vision correction and see longer without any need for glasses. You may never need glasses for distance again, but someday down the road you may need readers, take advantage of being completely glasses-free as long as you can!

Save all the cash from glasses and contact lenses!
Do you really know what a lifetime of purchasing glasses and contact lenses really costs? If you actually sat down and calculated what your parents spent starting when you were a kid and what you are spending now on contact lenses and/or trendy and expensive glasses, you would be chocked. Abbott Medical Opticals (AMO) has done extensive studies on just this and has found that for those in their 20s who wear daily contact lenses would have nearly $25,000 over a lifetime. This does not even count what has already been spent! LASIK is a one-time fee that costs between $4,000 - $6,000! What a savings!

Wow! What beautiful eyes you have!
It has been so many years since you have been wearing glasses that you do not even realize that you have been hiding those pretty peepers! Show the world your beautiful eyes by getting rid of those expensive frames. Although your glasses are really trendy, your baby blues (or greens, or browns) are so much more attractive!

What is holding you back? 
Do you think you cannot afford LASIK? It is actually more affordable than you think! Putting it into perspective is key...take this example...for the same amount of money you spend for that really trendy cup of coffee, you could be enjoying clear vision for life. Financing can be more affordable thank you think and there are special programs for medical services just like this. This is your time. Take advantage of it!

Please note: Only an ophthalmologyist can perform laser vision correction. A comprehensive eye exam and testing will be necessary before your vision correction procedure. 

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